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Rømø is influenced by traditional and ethnic music, combining acoustic sound, classical music and jazz fusion, as well as mantra-style and ambient music. Classical sound still rings in their musical themes and it includes rhythms, scales and tones from everywhere.

A creative stage in Denmark during the summer of 2016 marked the band’s turning point towards cover songs and the fusion of elements from classical, minimalist and traditional music from all over the world, especially the Mediterranean scenario. The stay in Denmark also brought up the band new name: Rømø, as a tribute to the Danish island, an essential space for the stage.

The band members are:

Júlia Palao: cello and live electronics.Cellist and audiovisual creator trained in Barcelona and Germany, with experience in home and abroad stages.

Judith Montserrat: piano and voices. Pianist, singer, with an eclectic and humanistic training, she has plenty of experience on stage as a soloist and instrumentalist.

In spring 2016, the band began to explore new more symphonic ways, incorporating three voices, combining classical, ethnic, ambient and minimal music and starting on a new path with themes like Popular Spanish Suite Nana of Manuel de Falla, chamber music from Antonin Dvoråk or vocal and instrumental music from Philip Glass, as well as some traditional songs.

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